John C. “Turk” Logan, Jr. Ph.D.

John Turk Logan

“Turk” Loganʼs life story is a tribute to one manʼs willingness to pay the high price of success. Those who know John C. “Turk” Logan, Jr. know that very little can deter him from the pathways he chooses for himself.

In his autobiography The Reality of A Fantasy, he spins a tale of a young man in love with broadcasting, whose early life seemed more than full of challenges. Losing his father at an early age, young “Turk” had to find it in himself to overcome those obstacles that race and education would put in his way.

Still, he overcame. In the late 1960′s, “Turk” found himself in a sales position with Daytonʼs pre-eminent Black radio station, WDAO-FM. Though sales was not his dream, he worked hard and persevered. His hard work was recognized when he was given a chance at an on-air shift. His rise was meteoric, from disk jockey to music director to program director in only a few years.

The clear pinnacle of his success was his guidance of a series of Dayton, Ohio music groups to national success. Such groups as “Johnnie Wilder and Heatwave,” “Dayton,” “The Ohio Players,” “Lakeside,” “Platypus” and many others had their first exposure on WDAO-FM. The wall of gold records awarded “Turk” Logan over the years pays tribute to his uncanny ability to hear a million seller long before others. In a career marked by experience and knowledge, “Turk” was willing to share his skills and abilities in a broadcast school as well as with those incarcerated in Ohioʼs penal institutions. Recognizing that his career could be an inspiration to other young African Americans at a time when the Black community was almost under siege from the latent violence of “gangstaʼ rap” music.

Enrolling at The Union Institute Graduate School in Cincinnati, Ohio, after his long years of success and experience in broadcasting, he began a five-year journey toward a doctoral degree, to show, through academically validated research, what the violent, anti-woman attitudes of “gangstaʼ rap” music were doing to the Black community.

With years of experience in Mass Communications, he also investigated the ramifications of technology on “rap” music, as well as the political ramifications of this music on minority ownership of media outlets. His research was lauded for breaking important ground in applied Mass Communications, and John C. Logan, Jr. was awarded an earned Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1997.

Along with all of his other successes, such as leading the student staff of WCSU-FM to become “The Black College Radio Station of the Year” in 1994, his earning this prestigious degree allows him to do what he has always done: to light the way for others to follow his lead. A prime example of his leadership in the area of programming is the “Urban/Jazz” format he created for WCSU-FM. That format is one of the most highly imitated formats nationally.

Clearly, knowledge, experience and innovative leadership are significant characteristics of “Turk” Logan. Published Author and Researcher in Issues Related to Minority and African American Community Recognized for Programming Abilities and Quality “Over the Air” Radio Operations.

After retiring from Central State University in 2009, he has embarked on another adventure, Wtrk.biz, Internet Radio.