Juanita Johnson

Juanita Johnson

Juanita Johnson resides in Cincinnati, Ohio and is both an alumnus and employee of Union Institute & University. She serves as learner services coordinator in the Cincinnati Undergraduate Center, and is an Affiliated Instructor in the Undergraduate Public Administration program. Juanita earned her B.S. in Human Services Administration from UI&U in 2002. She earned a Masters in Public Administration from Antioch-McGregor University. Currently, Juanita is completing a doctoral program in Public Policy and Administration. Her academic interests lie in civic participation and deliberation, program planning and development, program assessment, and institutional governance.

Juanita is committed to institutional and community service work with measurable impact in helping organizations and individuals. She assists the undergraduate learner population through learner counseling activities on processes promoting knowledge and understanding of academic opportunities, registration, and preparation for academic success. Juanita is also a leader in the creation of initiatives and programs designed to both support the mission of the university and serve the interests and goals of learners. She serves as the university liaison for the national College for Every Student program, which UI&U serves as a college sponsor. She is a member of the Board of Directors for Women Helping Women; where she advocates services and programs for women and children experiencing violence in their lives. Evident through these efforts, Juanita has continued to demonstrate a nurturing characteristic in her work with organizations and learners.

Prior to joining UI&U in 2001, Juanita assisted in the Organizational Development/Organizational Effectiveness Department at Mercy Health Partners in Cincinnati for nine years developing her values and customer support skills. She has many years experience in various community service and community development roles.

Juanita has shared her relationship with the UI&U Alumni Board that allow her to extend her personal mission of helping UI&U learners to master their academic world and to use their Union degree to do great things in society. She has asserted, “Assisting learners through degree plans, registration in a caring and nurturing way helps them to become more successful in their degree program and to graduate as experts in their fields. Graduation Day is my proudest day of the year!