Steven Swerdfeger

steven-swerdfeger1Dr. Steven Swerdfeger was born in Massena, New York, on July 13, 1948. He attended local public schools, later entering the State University of New York at Oswego, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in American literature. He also holds a Master of Arts degree in religious education from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in creative writing from Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio. His various career interests have included child care work, teaching high school English, creative writing, church music, hypnosis and guided imagery, college teaching, and publishing.

He currently works as Consulting Hypnotist at the Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research in Scottsdale, Arizona, where his wife Martha M. Grout, M.D., M.D. (H) is the medical director. He has also recently completed ghostwriting a memoir, which will be published later this year, although not under his name.

Regarding his practice of hypnosis & guided imagery, Steven reports, “For me, it is another indicator of how absolutely marvelous my Union journey was. I was researching hypnosis, since it was a sub-theme in my third novel, Because They THINK They Can, but I had never planned to practice the art. Dr. David Mullen, a clinical psychologist in Bradenton, Florida, and an expert in hypnosis, served as one of my adjunct professors. Less than two years after I completed my Union program, my two youngest daughters asked me to help a friend of theirs who was very allergic to cats. Through hypnosis, we successfully went to the root cause of the allergy and he emerged completely and permanently free of his lifelong symptom. Witnessing that transformation got me hooked and I have been most fortunate to receive training from some of the best teachers in the country. And I still keep up with my own writing, as well as publishing books by other authors. My current book is about my fortuitous stumbling into the field of hypnosis & guided imagery and some of the transformations that I have witnessed. However, the real bonus is being able to work so closely with my wife Martha, assisting our clinic’s patients to find optimum balance and healing.”

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