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Bachelor of Arts

  15-Credit Culminating Study
  Application for ReApplication for Readmission
  Criteria for the Degree in Liberal Studies
  Culminating Study Guidelines
  Culminating Study Plan
  EXCEL Guidelines
  Grade Equivalency for Teacher Licensure Students
  Guidelines for Part-time Studies
  Student Self-Evaluation Form
  Study Plan-Independent Study
  Study Plan for Student-Teaching Term

Bachelor of Science

  Certified Learning Application/Registration
  Degree Plan
  Degree Plan Change Request
  form as pdf form as word doc Draft Degree Plan
  form as pdf form as word doc Evaluation of Certified Learning Checklist
  form as pdf form as word doc Final Degree Review/Graduation Recommendation Form
  form as pdf form as word doc Student Change of Status Request Form
  form as pdf form as word doc Learning Agreement Form
  form as pdf form as word doc Prior Learning Assessment Application/Registration Form
  form as pdf  2013-2014 Registration Form

Business Office

    Travel Form Instructions
    Travel Form
  Wire Transfer Form
  Refund Request Form
  Credit Card Authorization Form

Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

  Dissertation Committee Rationale/Approval
  Dissertation Proposal Meeting Recommendation/Approval
  Dissertation Recommendation/Approval
  Dissertation Supervision Engagement
  Grade Change
  Graduation Recommendation and Approval
  Internship Agreement
  Internship Application and Approval
  Internship Evaluation
  Petition for an Incomplete Grade
  Program Completion Extension
  Registration Form
  Transfer Credit Petition
  Waiver Petition
  Withdrawal Form

Financial Aid

Authorization to Release Information
Consortium Agreement
Federal Perkins Loan Borrower Contact Form
  Federal Perkins Loan Master Promissory Note
  Federal Work Study Off-Campus Agreement
  Federal Work Study On-Campus Agreement
  Federal Work Study On-Campus Job Description
  Satisfactory Academic Progress Probation Appeal
  Reporting Outside Financial Aid 2013-2014
  Special Circumstances 2013-2014

International Students

  Financial Certification Form
  Financial Certification Instructions
  Estimated Expenses Form
  Transfer IN Form
  Transfer OUT Form
  Reduced Course Load Form
         Replace Lost I-20 Form
  Change Academic Level or Major Form
  F-2 Dependent Information Form
  Change Status Form
  Status Reinstatement Form
  SEVIS Update Form
  Emergency Contact Form

Institutional Review Board

  Abbreviated Consent Form
    Abbreviated Consent Form Instructions
     Application and Research Proposal
  Application Instructions
  Class Research Project Consent Form
  Comprehensive Informed Consent Form
    Comprehensive Informed Consent Form Instructions
  Exempt Research Study Checklist - Application
  Expedited Review
  Notification for Theoretical / Creative Research Projects
  Modification Request
  Progress Report-Renewal Request
  Instructor Application for Class-Related Research Project
  Student Application for Class-Related Researach Project
  [Sample] Assent Form – Minor Child
    [Sample] Information – Consent Letter for Mailed Survey
  [Sample] Informed Consent – Parent / Guardian
    [Template] Confidentiality Agreement – Transcriptionist
    [Template] Consent Statement and Debriefing for Online Study
    [Template] Videotaping Release
    Your Rights as a Participant in Research

Lifelong Learning

CampusWeb Access Instructions
Change of Grade Form
Course Evaluation
Course Proposal Cover Sheet
Enneagram Enrollment Form
Independent Study Plan
Request to Apply Internal Academic Credits
Sponsor Designed Learning - Course Approval Process
Sponsor Designed Learning - Proposal Checklist
Sponsor Designed Learning - Syllabus Template

Master of Arts - Online

Incomplete Grade
Online Registration
  Transfer Credit Request

Master of Arts with a concentration in Counseling Psychology

Academic Attendance and Engagement
Academic Program Plan
Academic Program Plan Addendum
Academic Program Plan Cover Sheet
Course Numbering System
Internship Form
Internship Manual
Learner Transcript Report
Mid-Semester Internship Progress Report
Request for Withdrawal

Master of Education - Florida

Approval of Scheduled Meetings
Committee Approval Form
Emergency Leave Request Form - Interim Status
Graduation Recommendation and Approval
Plan Approval Recommendation Form
Registration Form
Withdrawal Form

Master of Education - Vermont

Amendment to One Term of Graduate Study
Amendment to Graduate Study as a Whole
Internship Study Plan
Petition Form
Student's Evaluation of One Term Graduate Study
Study Plan for One Term of Graduate Study
Study Plan for Graduate Study as a Whole
Thesis Handbook
Thesis Proposal Form

Ph.D. (cohort)

Academic Appeal
Attendance and Engagement
Dissertation Committee Formation
Dissertation Recommendation and Approval
Dissertation Proposal Approval
Dissertation Supervision Engagement
Graduation Recommendation and Approval
Learner Travel Reimbursement
Petition for an Incomplete Grade
Program Completion Extension
Transfer Credit Petition
UI&U Diploma Order Form
Waiver Petition Form
Withdrawal Form


Acceptance of Admission
Petition for an Incomplete Grade
Transfer Credit Petition
Withdrawal Form


Diploma Order Form
Transcript Request
Name Change in Academic Records
Leave of Absence Request
Visiting/Transient Student Registration Form
Registration Packet for VT
Registration Packet for Ph.D.