Course Load Reductions (Add/Drop) Effects Financial Aid

Your estimated financial aid award offer is based on the basis of your full-time enrollment. Your actual financial aid awards are adjusted for actual enrollment on the credit hour Census date. If you decrease your enrollment hours anytime through the end of the add/drop period your financial aid award(s) may be modified. If you drop below full-time before the end of the add/drop period, some financial aid awards may be cancelled, such as state grants that require that you maintain full-time enrollment status.

You must be enrolled at least half-time to receive federal student loans. If you drop below half-time status your student loans go into repayment. You must complete loan exit counseling when you drop below half-time status. A loan exit counseling notification will be sent to you by the financial aid office.  You may complete Loan Exit Counseling online by clicking here.

It is extremely important that you contact the financial aid office before changing your enrollment status so that you are properly advised regarding any required modifications to your aid award(s). Courses that are audited or canceled and registrations for course or program completion extensions do not count toward your enrollment status for financial aid purposes. Learners on academic leave of absence are not eligible for financial aid and are reported as withdrawn for financial aid purposes to external agencies.