Research Educational Training

All students, faculty, and staff who plan to seek IRB approval for research projects that involve human subjects are required to complete the online CITI Course in the Protection of Human Research Subjects. Completing the course is a prerequisite for submitting an IRB application and research proposal.

All faculty who advise students who plan to conduct human subjects research are also required to complete the basic modules of the CITI Course. The CITI course summarizes and supplements information provided in the IRB Handbook for Research with Human Subjects.

Researchers may select modules from four groups: (1) doctoral research investigators, (2) master’s and undergraduate research investigators, (3) IRB members and faculty, and (4) staff and others. All required basic modules for the researcher’s group must be completed.

  • Each module requires 20 to 30 minutes to complete.
  • Researchers may enter and exit modules as many times as needed to complete them, and they may print modules for reference.
  • A quiz follows each module, and feedback is provided. Quizzes may be retaken to raise the overall score.
  • The software will record the best score.
  • Confirmation of completion of the required CITI course modules is automatically sent to the IRB Director.
  • Completing two study-related elective modules is required after the basic modules are completed. (See Links to Additional Resources.)

Links of Interest

Research Studies Conducted Online

Researchers whose studies will include an Internet component, such as an online survey, questionnaire, focus group, or interview, are required to complete the Internet Research elective module. (See also Links to Additional Resources.)

Research Studies Conducted in Other Countries

Researchers whose studies will be conducted in a location other than the United States are required to complete the elective International Research module of the CITI Course. (See also Links to Additional Resources.)

Research Studies Involving HIPAA

A module addressing HIPAA is available through the CITI Course. Completing this module is required when HIPAA applies to a research study. (See also Links to Additional Resources.)