Navigating the Website (5/8)

The UI&U Library website serves as your gateway to research. Here you will find all of the library's resources.


Library Home

Image of the Library Help Center.  Key features include: 1) library news, and 2) a tabbed search box for locating e-books, articles, journals, dissertations, and more.



Services and Policies

Image of the services and policies page.  Key features include: 1) the interlibrary loan page, 2) student services, 3) faculty services, 4) alumni services, and 5) lifelong learner services.



Help Center

Image of the library help center.  Key features include: 1) Ask a Librarian, 2) guides to finding e-books, articles, dissertations, and other resources, 3) search strategies, 4) citation formatting tools like WorldCat, RefWorks, and Zotero, 5) APA, Chicago, and MLA citation examples, 6) login and password help.



About the Library

Image of the About the Library page.  Key features include: 1) hours, 2) library staff & contact information, and 3) help by phone, email, or chat

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