Union Institute and University



Learn any time and anywhere without interrupting your career, family, or community commitments. Union academic programs are designed to meet your unique learning style and personal schedule. Combining traditional learning with learning outside the classroom, a Union education offers students the choice of online and low-residency degree options:

  • Low-residency programs combine online and distance learning with a minimum of travel or disruption of your career to attend flexible class times at an academic center appropriate to your degree.
  • Online programs allow you to enjoy the ultimate convenience of distance learning. Communicate with faculty and other students at times of your choosing through phone, email, e-learning platforms, and online.


Many of Union’s programs give you the freedom to customize your course of study and research according to your intellectual curiosity and professional needs. Whether you excel independently or in groups – faculty advisors are ready to mentor and advise you to create an individualized path based on how you learn best. Combined with flexible learning schedules, you’ll be empowered to take charge of your education and own your future.


At Union, we understand the value of a degree—that’s why we’re committed to make higher education more accessible and more affordable. Union’s accelerated degree completion options, combined with our liberal transfer policy, makes returning to school affordable. Union honors prior credits regardless of when the credits were earned and many Union students successfully complete the CLEP and Dantes exams, allowing them to test out of pre-requisite courses, and complete degree requirements even more quickly. Whether enrolled in a bachelor’smaster’s, or doctoral programs, Union’s students also benefit from an education that actually fits into their lifestyles.  Union’s degree programs and flexible learning options, such as online study, distance learning, and weekend or evening classes, are designed to fit your busy schedule, which means you can keep your job – and your income – while you study. And because our programs are online or low-residency, there are few relocation, transportation, parking, or childcare costs to worry about. In today’s economy, completing your degree may be the best pathway to advancement, whether in your career, community, or personal life. At Union, you can afford to achieve your dreams.


Enrolling at Union Institute & University is the first step in a life-changing experience. Union works hard to fulfill its vision of social relevance and we believe our graduates truly make a difference in the world. We support the efforts of our students, faculty, and alumni to be catalysts of change because if you are inspired to change things for the better, you will inspire others to do the same. Some of the best reasons to choose Union come from our students, faculty & staff, and alumni. Union graduates work in small and big ways to advance change in their communities everyday. Our alumni have gone on to become university presidents, leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, members of the United States Congress, and even heads of foreign countries.