Union Institute and University

Commencement Procedure

Effective July 1, 2014, as revised

Union Institute & University holds commencement ceremonies each summer at the California and Florida academic centers and a national commencement ceremony in Cincinnati, Ohio each fall. The New England Academic Center graduation ceremonies are held within the individual academic programs based on the program’s degree completion cycles. Graduates of UI&U programs are eligible to participate in a commencement ceremony if they have officially graduated and have not previously participated (unless previous participation was for graduation from a different UI&U program). Some programs also allow students to participate when they are projected to fulfill all academic program and university degree requirements by the end of the term immediately following the ceremony. Students should refer to their academic center for specific requirements to participate and annual commencement dates.

Contact the Communications office for more information about upcoming commencement ceremonies and participation eligibility requirements: www.myunion.edu/commencement