Union Institute and University

Computer Literacy

Effective August 31, 2009

It is the policy of Union Institute & University that students shall have a basic working knowledge of computers, including the following minimum skills:

  • Basic knowledge of computers and standard productivity software:
  • Understand the concept and basic functions of an operating system, such as Windows, MacIntosh, etc.
  • Save to disks, find files, create directories, and run/execute programs
  • Copy and paste text and images.
  • Create, edit, and save a document using word processing software.
  • Install and remove application programs.
  • Upload and download software and files.

Information retrieval skills:

A working knowledge of the World Wide Web and its functions, including searching, surfing, and installing and upgrading a Web browser.

Electronic communication skills:

Ability to access and use e-mail, listservs, and bulletin boards.

Knowledge of proper: If a student does not meet these skills and technology requirements at the time of acceptance into a UI&U program, it is the student’s responsibility to meet them within a few weeks of acceptance. The Information Technology Department provides support for development of basic computer skills. To access these instructions, please visit www.myunion.edu/it.

Students may obtain a print version of the instructions, sent via postal mail, by calling 1-800-336-6794 x8547