Union Institute and University

Email Use

Effective August 31, 2009


It is the policy of Union Institute & University that all employees and all students enrolled in Union programs will be provided with university email accounts. These email accounts are the official means of communication within the university. Logging into a Union email account constitutes acceptance of this policy and agreement to abide by the Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy and all other policies referenced within.

Employee Email

Employees must use their university email accounts for all correspondence with students and for any communications on behalf of the university. Approved exceptions may be arranged with the IT department on an as-needed basis (such as during the admissions and financial aid processes). Employees may never, under any circumstances, use their own personal email accounts to communicate with students. Employee email accounts are disabled at the point employment at the university ends. The content of the email account is the property of the university and may be accessed by the former employee’s supervisor and/or Human Resources. The employee email system is backed up both weekly and monthly; with monthly backups available for no more than five years.

Student Email

Students have the option to forward messages to their personal email account for the purpose of being notified they have a message in their university account. Student email accounts remain active until a student withdraws from the university (including automatic withdrawals after not being registered in a course for a year). At that time, all email content may be deleted. Student email accounts reside on a third-party system. As such, the university relies upon the third party for all backups and system availability. The university does not make backups of student email accounts. Student email addresses are published in the student Web portal, CampusWeb, making the address available to all students, employees, and alumni who have access to log into the portal.


Union Institute & University utilizes anti-virus and anti-spam software to scan all incoming and outgoing email messages. Any messages determined by the scanning software to contain a virus will not be delivered unless the virus can be cleaned and/or removed from the message. Information Technology (IT) staff monitors the accuracy of the software and makes adjustments as necessary. The university reserves the right to update or change the anti-virus and anti-spam software or settings at any time and without prior notice.

In the normal course of managing the campus-based Internet bandwidth and email systems, the university may, from time to time, monitor messages created, received or sent via university email servers. These measures are taken to maintain system reliability. Users are expected to refrain from initiating activities that interfere with the work of other users. In doubtful situations, IT staff should be consulted. Students, faculty, and staff are prohibited from utilizing university email for personal gain, including distribution of “special offers” or solicitation of any kind.