Union Institute and University

Tampering With Educational Records

Effective July 1, 2014, as Revised

No person shall knowingly tamper with any records (files, documents, etc.) held at Union Institute & University offices or at the home offices of university employees; nor shall any person knowingly tamper with university computer data or software or knowingly gain unauthorized access to university computer systems or individual office computers.

Ohio Revised Code 2913.04 and 2913.42 defines and establishes criminal codes for tampering with educational records and/or unauthorized access to computer systems. Violators are subject to state prosecution.

In addition to any criminal charges that might result from tampering with university records, Union Institute & University, through its officers and under the provisions of university policies, may impose such penalties as are determined to be justified by the circumstances, including disciplinary probation, dismissal, rescission of a Union Institute & University degree (if the violation is discovered after graduation), termination of employment, and/or prosecution.

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