Union Institute and University

University Closing Policy

It is the policy of Union Institute & University that appropriate action will be taken in the event that the university should decide to close. No organization can say, with certainty, that it will never cease operations.

In the event of a decision to close the institution, Union Institute & University will enter into a formal arrangement with another Ohio-based college or university that agrees to serve as a repository for UI&U academic records. The university will make every reasonable effort to notify current and former students to advise them of arrangements made with to ensure access to academic records as well as provisions for tuition refunds and financial aid.

Academic Records:

Transfer of assets to another educational institution shall include provision for access to academic records, including official transcripts.

Tuition Refunds:

 Transfer of assets to another institution shall include arrangements for tuition refunds, where applicable, following the provisions of existing university withdrawal and tuition refund policies.

Financial Aid:

Transfer of assets to another institution shall include provisions for termination of the institution’s participation in Student Financial Aid programs. As part of the conditions of participation in such programs, the university agrees to refund to students any unearned Title IV assistance funds, to provide for collection of outstanding student loans, and to make provisions for retention and storage of records pertaining to management of financial aid.