Union Institute and University


Effective July 1, 2014, as revised

It is the policy of Union Institute & University that students who withdraw or are administratively withdrawn or dismissed from the university are excluded from all university educational activities, functions, facilities, and services. Withdrawn students may obtain a transcript of credits earned (for a fee) or verification of their previous enrollment, but they are not entitled to any other services. Withdrawn students who wish to be reinstated or readmitted after withdrawal must follow published reinstatement/readmission procedures.

Leave of Absence

Under the provisions of the university policy on leave of absence, students may apply for a leave of absence (LOA) of up to 12 months. Because a LOA is actually a temporary withdrawal, students on approved leaves do not have access to educational activities, functions, facilities, or services during the leave, with the exception of their university email account, which will remain active during the leave. See Leave of Absence policy

Student-Initiated Withdrawal

A withdrawal is considered to be a complete withdrawal from the university. The date of withdrawal is the earlier of:

  • The date the student notifies the university; or
  • The ending date of the previous term if the student fails to register for a new term; or
  • The date the student specifies as the date of withdrawal if this date is after the date of notification.

A student withdrawal can be written, oral, or submitted by email. It may be delivered to the student’s academic center or program office or communicated to the Registrar’s Office. When a student withdraws from the university prior to the end of a semester, all courses for which the student is currently registered at the time of withdrawal will be recorded as withdrawn (W) on the student’s grade record. If the withdrawal is effective at the end of the semester, the grade as supplied by the evaluating faculty for each course will be posted to the student’s grade record, becoming part of the former student’s transcript.

If a student withdraws during a term, he or she may be entitled to a total or partial tuition refund, depending on the withdrawal date. Students planning to withdraw should refer to their program’s Registration and Tuition refund policy.

Administrative Withdrawal

The university may initiate an administrative withdrawal for cause. Administrative withdrawals are the same as student-initiated withdrawals for purposes of tuition refunds. Actions that may lead to an administrative withdrawal include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure to meet financial obligations
  • Failure to register
  • Failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP)
  • Failure to meet program academic criteria
  • Violation of university conduct policies

Students will receive a letter confirming an administrative withdrawal and the grounds for this determination.