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Visiting Students

A Visiting Student defined as a student who is registered for a limited number of courses, but is not pursing a degree at Union Institute & University. Union Institute & University provides the opportunity, on a limited basis, for students enrolled in degree programs at other institutions to complete undergraduate courses for the purpose of transferring them to their home institution. This enrollment opportunity is available during any semester/session throughout the year.

Student Procedures for Registering as a Visiting/Transient Student*

Union Institute & University Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts programs provide the opportunity for students enrolled for degrees at other institutions to complete, on a limited basis, undergraduate courses for the purpose of having them transferred to another (home) institution. This enrollment opportunity is available during any term throughout the year. Normal college registration and grading deadlines apply. Because authorization to take a class with Union Institute & University is required in advance of registration, it will be necessary to allow sufficient time to complete the registration and authorization process prior to the beginning of the term in which you wish to enroll. The following specific instructions are provided so that you may begin your course(s). Be sure to contact your nearest undergraduate office prior to completing any of the forms to ensure the course you have in mind can be made available. (Current academic calendar information is available from any of our undergraduate service centers.)

  1. Complete the Transfer Credit Request and Registration Form.
  2. Read the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts registration and tuition policies outlined on the Admissions/Tuition Costs page. Tuition for transient students is $481.00 per semester credit. In addition, there is a technology fee based on full-time or part-time enrollment. Note: Full payment of tuition is required by the first day of the term for all transient students.
  3. With the assistance of a local center representative, complete all sections of the Transfer Credit Request and Registration Form, listing the specific course(s) and credits for which you are registering. The local Center staff will select the most appropriate faculty resources for you.
  4. Complete the Approval for Transfer of Credit Form and obtain the required authorization by a representative of your home institution. Usually, that representative is the Academic Dean, Academic Advisor, or Department Chairperson. Please be advised that it may be necessary to provide your home institution with a detailed description of the course(s) you wish to take prior to approval. If your home institution requires that this course be evaluated with a letter grade (rather than a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade), then you must indicate this at the time of registration so that appropriate evaluation strategies can be specified by the instructor in the Learning Agreement.
  5. Payment of the full tuition is required prior to the beginning of the term. Tuition is assessed based on the total credits registered for each semester. Multiply the total credits by $481.00 to arrive at your tuition charge. Deferred payment options do not apply to the Transient Student. In addition to the tuition, a technology fee will be assessed according to your registration status during the term (see Registration and Tuition Policies statement for further information).
  6. After your registration is approved, work closely with your assigned faculty to complete all learning experiences by the completion of the term in which you are registered. When all course work is satisfactorily completed, your course grade will be forwarded to the Registrar. At that point, you can make written request to the Registrar’s Office to have an official copy of your transcript forwarded to whatever person or institution you designate (cost for each transcript request is $10.00). Transcript request form.

* A Transient Student is defined as a student who is neither admitted nor matriculated, but who is registered for a limited number of one or two courses to transfer to another home institution.

Procedures for registering as a Visiting Student:  Ms Word (.doc) | PDF (.pdf)