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Join the Writing Center’s CampusWeb group if you would like a session with one of our consultants. You can also contact us at writing-center@myunion.edu or 1-800-861-6400 x1156

Use the web links below to:

  • Diagnose your writing problems and find out how to fix them
  • Find valuable reminders and resources for improving academic writing
  • Locate models and tutorials for research and documentation, plus solutions for common writing problems

You can find fast answers here, but this site is also designed to help you to learn how to diagnose your own writing problems. This takes time. The more time you spend reflecting on your writing, the more long-term improvement you will see. Our contact info: writing-center@myunion.edu | 800-861-6400 x1156

Understand your writing problems

  • Understand what your instructor’s comments really mean
  • Use peer feedback to figure out what to do next
  • Turn your own feelings about your paper into a plan

Use the Writing Symptom Checker to figure out what to improve in your writing.

Improve the steps of your process

Learn how successful college writers operate

  • Improve your writing strategy
  • Save time and dramatically improve your final results

Use the Process pages to plan your project and make the most of your writing time.

Find Answers by Topic

Know the area of your writing you want to address?

  • Find help on these topics and many more
  • Grammar
  • Plagiarism
  • Paper Length