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Problems With Logic Or Ideas

Everything you write is really an argument. In a college paper, it is usually your job to make a logical case your thesis statement.

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Support Your Argument

 Evidence from Research: This could be a quote or paraphrase from a book, article, or web page, but it could also be something specific that you’ve observed, or a fact relevant to your discussion.

 Logical Analysis: This is the glue that connects your evidence to your argument. For more information see.

 Clear Connections Among Your Ideas: These are the transitions and clauses that show connection from one sentence to the next and between the paragraph and the thesis statement.

People think through a lot of the logic of their writing in the prewriting step of the writing process. If you get to your final draft and the logic isn’t there yet, you may want to go back to the prewriting step. This page from the Purdue online writing center can tell you more about prewriting.