Union Institute and University

Business Administration

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General Education Courses

Fall 2014 only

MAT 122 College Algebra
STAT 221 Statistics

Major Core Courses

BUS 101 Introduction to Business
BUS 232 Business Law
MGT 343 Operations Management
MGT 450 Strategic Management and Business Policy – Capstone Course
ACC 235 Financial Accounting
ACC 236 Managerial Accounting
ECO 221 Macroeconomics
ECO 222 Microeconomics
MGT 350 Management of Financial Resources

Electives in the Major

Students must complete a minimum of three additional courses from electives to complete the B.S. in Business Administration major (four credits unless otherwise noted).

HRM 323 Human Resource Management
MGT 321 Principles of Management
MGT 344 Project Management
MGT 351 Management Mistakes and Successes
MIS 330 Software Business Planning
MKT 321 Principles of Marketing
BUS 400 Business Independent Studies (1-4 cr.)
BUS 490 Business Special Topics (1-4 cr.)

Culminating Graduation Requirement

MGT 450 Strategic Management and Business Policy

Capstone course and final culminating graduation requirement for the Business Administration major. With the support and advice of faculty, students choose a specific topic to examine in depth. Students review relevant research and write a paper using the Union Institute & University outcomes, major outcomes, and course specific outcomes that address the topic. The paper serves as the CGR for the major, challenging students to draw on theoretical and practical information gained to create a document that demonstrates their mastery of knowledge acquired through the entire degree program.