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Criminal Justice Management

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General Education Courses

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Major Core Courses

Four credits each

CJM 303 Applied Ethics in Criminal Justice Management
CJM 306 Supervision in the Criminal Justice Field
CJM 307 Criminal Justice Management and Administration
CJM 409 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Management
CJM 410 Criminal Justice Management Information Systems

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Electives in the Major

Four credits each unless otherwise noted

CJM 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJM 301 Writing for Criminal Justice Administrators
CJM 302 Research and Management Analysis Techniques for Criminal Justice Managers
CJM 304 The Role of Criminal Justice in Terrorism
CJM 308 Management of Fatal Officer Involved Shootings (1 cr.)
CJM 309 Drugs in Society
CJM 315 Police Accountability and the Criminal Justice Manager (2 cr.)
CJM 316 Managing Mental Health Interagency Task Forces (1 cr.)
CJM 320 Capital Punishment (2 cr.)
CJM 321 Criminological Theories
CJM 325 The Impact of Social Media on Criminal Justice Organizations (2 cr.)
CJM 330 Gangs and Gang Subcultures
CJM 304 The Role of Criminal Justice in Terrorism
CJM 408 Management of Criminal Justice Programs
CJM 411 Multicultural Issues for the Criminal Justice Manager
CJM 412 Fiscal Management for Criminal Justice Organizations
CJM 413 Critical Incident Management
CJM 415 Managing Elder Abuse Investigation and Prevention Programs (3 cr.)

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Additional elective learning may be accepted when appropriate to the major. Acceptable elective learning may include prior and certified learning that meets program criteria for acceptance. All additional electives must be endorsed by the major’s chair and the dean and documented in the approved degree plan prior to registration.

Culminating Graduation Requirement

As part of course work in the major, every student will complete a culminating graduation requirement (CGR).

Students will be required to complete the CGR by satisfactory completion of a student electronic portfolio that will consist of the assessment artifact which is a 10-page APA formatted research paper, from each of the five core courses. In addition, a present and future resume from the CJM 307 course will be included in the portfolio.

The portfolio is a collection of student papers that will demonstrate student learning and achievement of university, major, and course competencies and outcomes. Each artifact must receive a grade of C or better to meet the minimum requirement.