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Elementary Education

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General Education Courses

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Minimum Credit in the Major – 48 Credit Hours

Note: All education courses are variable credit for either three or four credits. A modified syllabus reflecting the three-credit amount of work will be approved by the chair and provided to the student.

Foundations Courses in Education

3 – 4 credits each

EDU 317 Psychological and Sociological Foundations of Education
EDU 330 Classroom Management
EDU 331 *Foundations and Practices in Teaching Reading
EDU 334 Educational Assessment
EDU 335 Effective Instructional Practices

Major Core Courses

3-4 credits each, total 30 credits

EDU 307 *Sequential Developmental Skills and Concepts of Reading
EDU 308 *Recognition and Diagnosis of Reading Problems
EDU 309 *Methods and Materials to Improve Reading Performance
EDU 322 Content and Methods of Teaching Music in the Elementary School
EDU 323 Content and Methods of Teaching Art in the Elementary School
EDU 324 Content and Methods of Teaching Health and Physical Education in the Elementary School
EDU 325 Content and Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School
EDU 326 **Content and Methods of Teaching Language Arts in Elementary School
EDU 327 Content and Methods of Teaching Science in the Elementary School
EDU 328 Content and Methods of Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School

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Electives in the Major

3-4 credits each unless otherwise noted

EDU 336 Integrating Educational Technology Across the Curriculum
EDU/ECS 450 **Children’s Literature
ESOL 323 Methods of Teaching ESOL
ESOL 325 ESOL Curriculum and Materials Development
ESOL 324 Testing and Evaluation of ESOL Students


EDU 100/200/300/400 Independent Studies (1 – 4 cr.). Each may be taken up to two times.
EDU 190/290/390/490 Special Topics (1 – 4 cr.). Each may be taken up to two times.

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*In the Elementary Education Major, core courses EDU 307, 308, and 309 may substitute for EDU 331 Foundations and Practices in Teaching Reading.

** The Elementary Education elective ENG 335 Children’s Literature may substitute for EDU 326.

Additional elective learning may be accepted when appropriate to the major. Acceptable elective learning may include: prior learning that meets program criteria for acceptance; general education courses (beyond those required by the program) and courses offered through other majors, following published syllabi; and/or individually designed courses developed by the student in consultation with her/his faculty advisor, and submitted using the learning agreement form. All additional electives must be endorsed by the faculty advisor and the dean and documented in the approved degree plan prior to registration.

Culminating Graduation Requirement

Students meet the capstone requirement for the Bachelor of Science major in Elementary Education by satisfactorily completing one of the following:

Student Teaching (12 credits total) which consists of

EDU 496 Capstone Workshop: Student Teaching Seminar (3 credits)
EDU 499 Capstone Learning Experience: Student Teaching (9 credits)


Capstone Course (3-4 credits)

EDU 497 Contemporary Perspectives on Classroom Organization

Note: Upper-level prior learning examinations and certified learning credits are accepted by the state of Florida toward education major course requirements.
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