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Emergency Services Management

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General Education Courses

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Optional Concentrations in Criminal Justice Management or Leadership
Minimum Credit in the Major – 48 Credit Hours

Major Core Courses

Four-credit courses unless otherwise noted

ESM 320 Critical Incident Management and Response
ESM 401 Fiscal Management for Emergency Services Administrators
ESM 403 Emergency Services Administration
ESM 405 Legal, Economic, and Ethical Issues in Emergency Services
ESM 440 Homeland Security

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Electives in the Major Electives

Electives in the major will come from electives in this major or any UI&U B.S. program, from credits transferred from another institution, from prior learning assessments and certified learning, or other acceptable advance credit options. Students will complete at least 28 credits in major electives.

ESM Major Electives

Four-credit hours unless otherwise noted

ESM 321 Incident Command Systems 2 cr.
ESM/PSY 402 Organizational Psychology
ESM 406 Emergency Services Administration
ESM 410 Natural Disasters and Defense Planning
ESM 412 Emergency Services Technology
ESM 422 Emergency Services Technology
ESM 442 Terrorism and Extremism
ESM 444 Weapons of Mass Destruction
ESM 100/200/300/400 Independent Studies Variable credit 1 – 4. Each may be taken up to two times.
ESM 190/290/390/490 Special Topics Variable credit 1 – 4. Each may be taken up to two times.

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Concentration Required Courses – Criminal Justice Management

Four-credit hours unless otherwise noted.

CJM 303 Applied Ethics in Criminal Justice Management
CJM 306 Supervision in the Criminal Justice Field
CJM 307 Criminal Justice Management and Administration

Concentration Required Courses – Leadership

Four-credit hours unless otherwise noted.

BUS 232 Business Law
LDS 403 Assessing and Building Leadership Capacity
LDS 404 Leadership and Change
MGT 420 Theory and Practice of Leadership

Culminating Graduation Requirement

As part of course work in the major, every student will complete a Capstone Learning Experience (CGR). The CGR requirement is to be met by the following:

  • A research paper (taken in the last core course – separate credit not awarded). The major research paper must be a minimum of 10 pages in length and written in APA or MLA format including the abstract. Students are encouraged to discuss their major topic with their instructor at the start of a term.
  • In addition to the major paper, graduating students will write a reflection paper (minimum five pages in length) identifying how their knowledge gained in the ESM program is now reflected in their work experience, along with a current resume.
  • Students work with their assigned major instructor on a major research paper that reflects their knowledge base of Emergency Services Management; their ability to evaluate current information and issues; and their ability to write critically and convincingly on a chosen topic.