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Major: Exceptional Student Education

Exceptional Student Education

Prepares students, in their role as special education teachers (K-12), to offer appropriate services to children with special learning needs and/or disabilities. The requirements and content of this major prepare students to teach in diverse and inclusive environments and serve children and their families in private, school and institutional settings.

Skills and competencies are aligned with those defined by the Department of Education to become certified as a teacher of ESE children. Curriculum requirements address multiple methods of instruction to accommodate a broad range of student differences; implementation of a curriculum that enables collaboration with families and other professionals; an understanding of legal statues and policies that affect families’ access; and participation in several field experiences, that serve as the foundation from which theories about child development, learning, and the curriculum are applied.

Students will be able to:

  • Create a set of modifications to help students with disabilities learn and participate in a wide-range of functional activities at home, school, work environment and the community.
  • Identify, assess and prescribe programs for students with a wide range of disabilities.

Meet the general standards for teachers established by the state of Florida:

  • They will know and demonstrate competence in each of the 12 standards of the Educator Accomplished Practices
  • They will demonstrate mastery of the subject area specialization requirements for certification by the state including: foundations of ESE; assessment and evaluation; instructional practices; the transition process; design and implementation of a Positive Behavioral Support program; language and communication development; and teaching interpersonal interactions and participation skills.