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Bachelor of Arts

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Major: Liberal Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Union Institute & University offers this interdisciplinary degree provides students with strong job-related skills such as critical and creative thinking, strong communication skills, strong research abilities, and the flexibility of mind to adapt to a changing world.  This reflects our mission: “to develop students’ minds, skills and recognition of themselves as constructors of meaning and knowledge, [providing] students with valuable habits of mind, including thoughtful reading, critical and creative thinking, and an ability to express themselves in writing with clarity, power and grace.”

Students in classroom - Liberal Studies

General Education Program


Union Institute & University general education courses will be topics-based, aligned with majors, and relevant to adult students. For example: International Crime Fiction, Folklore of Childbirth, US History through the Lens of Social Welfare, Environmental Science and Contemporary Catastrophes.

General education courses will be open to B.A. and B.S. students. Lower level courses (100, 200) will reflect broad, foundational skills and align with articulation agreements that accept A.A. and A.S. degrees that meet general education requirements. The current policy regarding the number of required general education credits will remain in place: each undergraduate student will earn 36 credits in general education. Existing policies regarding transfer credits will be maintained.

Six Domains

The general ed courses will be organized in six domains

  1. College Writing (2 courses)
  2. Quantitative Reasoning (1 course)
  3. Civilization and Human Legacy (2 courses)
  4. Creation and Criticism of the Arts (1 course)
  5. Social Systems and Behavioral Science (2 courses)
  6. Observation and Analysis of the Natural World (2 courses)

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