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Maternal Child Health: Lactation Consulting

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General Education Courses

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Major Core Courses

Minimum Credit in the Major – 48 Credit Hours

HCP 330 Lactation Counseling 3 cr.
HCP 331 Maternal and Infant Assessment 2 cr.
HCP 332 Applied Teaching Methods in Lactation Education for Health Professionals (Learn to Teach the 20 Hour Course) 2 cr.
HCP 430 Developing and Implementing Evidence-Based Clinical Practices 2 cr.
HCP 431 Advanced Issues in Clinical Lactation Practice 3 cr.

In addition to these five Healthy Children courses and the required course competencies, the following core courses must be taken while enrolled at Union Institute & University.

MCH 220 Foundations of Maternal Child Health 4 cr.

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Internships or Practicum

MCH 460 Internship I 2- 4 cr.
MCH 461 Internship II 2 -4 cr.


MCH 389 Practicum and Professional Issues in Lactation 2 cr.

Electives in the Major

Politics of Breastfeeding 2 cr.Introduction to Nutrition for MCH

HUM 220 Folklore in Childbirth – may be taken as a Civilization and Human Legacy general education course through Fall 2014
MCH 140 Medical Terminology 2 cr.
MCH 150 Human Anatomy and Physiology
MCH 223 Introduction to Nutrition for MCH
MCH 320 Birth and Breastfeeding
MCH 321 Developing a Lactation Support and Service Program
MCH 323 Maternal-Infant Nutrition
MCH 324 Skills and Strategies for Breastfeeding Problem Solving
MCH 325 Social and Cultural Issues in Health Care
MCH 326 Human Milk for the Preterm/Hospitalized Infant
MCH 380 Mood Disorders in the Perinatal Period
MCH 389 Practicum and Professional Issues in Lactation 2 cr.
MCH 420 Maternal Child Health: Programs and Challenges
MCH 427 Politics of Breastfeeding 2 cr.Introduction to Nutrition for MCH
MCH 428 Anthropology of Childbirth 2 cr.
MCH 429 Infant and Child Growth and Development
MCH 451 International Perspectives in Lactation Consulting
MCH 452 Bio-medical Ethics for the Lactation Service Provider
MCH 453 Research Methods and Statistics in Lactation
MCH 499 Capstone (CGR) Project 6-8 cr.
MCH 100/200/300/400 MCH Independent Studies (1-4 cr.). Each may be taken two times.
MCH 190/290/390/490 MCH Special Topics (1-4 cr.). Each may be taken up to two times.

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Students who are interested in qualifying for the IBLCE exam can add the required background courses into their individual plan. Students who are planning to qualify for IBLCE pathway 2 are also required to plan, secure, and complete a 300-hour internship (four credits) in their own community during their degree program. There are additional requirements for the IBLCE exam which are not part of the degree, but students need to show proof of completion to the MCH advisor before graduation: for exam requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to be sure that all exam requirements are met. Note that IBLCE updates these requirements periodically.

Culminating Graduation Requirement

In addition to the major course work, every student will complete a Culminating Graduation Requirement Capstone Project (MCH 499). The CGR Capstone is expected to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of their primary field of study and offer an opportunity to develop a project to present to future employers and/or opportunities to present and publish.

Students come to the interdisciplinary field of Maternal Child Health: Lactation Consulting with varied backgrounds, interests and experience. The major enables students to gain the knowledge and skills needed to work in the area of maternal child health: lactation consulting.

The capstone course is the final (16 week) course in the degree and is required for MCH students. With the support and advice of MCH faculty, the student chooses a specific topic to examine in depth. The student reviews relevant research and writes a paper using the Union Institute & University outcomes, major outcomes, and course specific outcomes that address the topic. The project involves two major components. Part I is the review of the literature and Part II is the self-evaluation of the student. As the final project within the Maternal Child Health major, this assignment reflects each of the university outcomes that have been addressed in courses while at Union Institute & University. It also integrates interdisciplinary knowledge acquired during the program with the Union Institute & University values of social relevance, creative and critical thinking, and the connection between scholarship and theory in application to real-world practice.