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Doctor of Psychology

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Degree Requirements

psyd2Union Institute & University conducts its Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) program on a three term, 12-month academic year.

Each term is 16-weeks long:

  • Fall | September – December
  • Winter | January – April
  • Spring/Summer | April-August

The program requires a minimum of three (3) full-time academic years of graduate study at Union Institute & University, including one (1) year of residency at Union Institute & University (the first year in the program). The Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) program requires the completion of 120 credits, including the following:

  • Required and Electives Courses
  • Practicum
    (600-800 hours per year for two years)
  • Clinical Review
  • Internship
    (2000 hours to be completed in 24 months)
  • Dissertation

In addition to the required and elective courses, clinical experiences and research, the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) program has required activities and evaluative components that assure the successful completion of the above intents and purposes, including the following:

  • Initial Orientation (two days at the beginning of the program)
  • Fall and Spring/Summer Academic Meetings (seven days each, two per academic year, required for three years – Fall in Brattleboro and Spring/Summer in Cincinnati)
  • Annual reviews (each year by the advisor)
  • Practicum site approval visits by the Director of Clinical Training
  • Practicum supervisor evaluations (biannually)
  • Clinical Review (end of the third year)
  • Dissertation meetings with chairperson
  • Internship placement supervisor evaluations (biannually)

Program Sequence

All students take a prescribed sequence of required courses as well as electives, with the understanding that this may vary for students who transfer credits into the program (see Transfer Credits). The curriculum is designed to provide students with generalist training preparing them for entry into the field of professional psychology. The Psy.D. program is conducted over three terms during the 12-month academic year.

All students begin the program with a two-day Initial Orientation followed by the first of their six (6) required Academic Meetings. During the Initial Orientation, students meet with their academic advisors and are presented with an overview of all aspects of the program, including presentations by the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) faculty on their areas of interest, current scholarship, practice, and research. Guest speakers are invited to present to the group, demonstrating additional models and roles of professional psychologists.

During the first year, students attend classes two weekends a month for the fall and winter terms and three weekends during the spring/summer term. Students attend these foundational courses in either Brattleboro or Cincinnati, depending on the student’s cohort. All but one of the first year courses is delivered in a face-to-face classroom setting during this year of residency. This allows the program to provide a set of in-person experiences, including curricular and supplemental activities, for professional socialization to the field, and to provide close contact with a cohort of faculty for student interaction and assessment.

During years two and three of the program, students attend classes on campus (in either Brattleboro or Cincinnati, depending on their cohort) one weekend a month. In addition to coursework, students are at a practicum placement for 600-800 hours each of these years.Practicum placements must be within a five (5) hour drive from either Brattleboro or Cincinnati. Students may choose to take an advanced practicum in their fourth year. In year five they are on internship for 2000 hours.  If they elect to do a half time internship, they can do it in years 5-6, completing their 2000 hours within a 24 month period.