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Major: Leadership, Public Policy & Social Issues

The Leadership, Public Policy & Social Issues Major addresses pressing problems and issues facing our societal institutions—public, private, and nonprofit.  Through a multidisciplinary perspective, students enhance their understanding of these related disciplines. Students develop a sound knowledge of foundational theory and appropriate research methods.  Specific areas such as policy analysis, decision-making, and effective leadership are examined.  In keeping with the university’s mission, ethical leadership and social responsibility are stressed throughout the curriculum. While the coursework is conducted entirely online, students are encouraged to apply their learning to real world experience during their application courses.

This concentration gives students considerable flexibility in choosing a focus for their study. Fields of study pursued by current students and recent graduates include:

  • Educational reform and leadership
  • Environmental policies
  • Global leadership development
  • Health policy
  • Law enforcement leadership
  • Leadership development: leadership training and leadership skills
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Organizational development and organizational leadership
  • Policy review and evaluation
  • Public policy: formulation and advocacy
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Servant leadership
  • Situational leadership
  • Strategic management

Students enrolled in the Master of Arts major in Leadership, Public Policy & Social Issues are qualified to apply for a wide variety of leadership positions in public, private, and nonprofit organizations.  Examples might include policy and advocacy positions, public policy analysts, middle and upper-level management positions in areas such as public administration, human resources, international management, as well as professional positions related to education, health, environment, and law enforcement.  Our career counseling service can assist you in achieving your professional goals.