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Master of Arts

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Prior to beginning the first-term of courses, students participate in a five-day online orientation session. They have the opportunity to introduce themselves to fellow students and faculty, participate in a teleconference, learn about the history of Union Institute & University and the Program, are exposed to elearning, and instructed on how to access and use the University library. Interaction with fellow students during the orientation continues throughout the course of study and beyond, providing an invaluable source of mutual support and encouragement.

Core Courses

Elements of Scholarship, Research Methods, and Disciplinary Foundations are core courses, taken by all enrolled students. They provide the underpinning for subsequent advanced courses.

Elements of Scholarship
3 credits
This course provides graduate-level concepts and processes of critical thinking, academic writing and reading strategies.

Research Methods
3 credits
This course explores information literacy and surveys primary research modes, designs and methods (quantitative and qualitative).

Disciplinary Foundations
6 credits
A course designed to give graduate-level breadth of knowledge in the student’s area of concentration.

Advanced Courses

After completion of the core courses, remaining courses are tutorial based, with the student working with a member of the faculty, one-on-one or in small groups. Instruction begins with student and faculty working together to create a learning agreement for each course. Advanced courses provide considerable flexibility in design, giving students the opportunity to tailor their study to meet their own personal and professional goals.

Field of Study
6 credits
A course designed to give graduate-level depth of knowledge in a specific field of study. Emphasis is on student initiative, guided reading, and consultations with the advisor.

6 credits (one term) or
3+3 credits (two terms)
An examination of the professional, academic, and social significance of the student’s study. The course may have an applied component.

Advanced Research Methods/Thesis Proposal
3 credits
A course designed to provide the student with in-depth knowledge of research methods appropriate to his/her field of study. As part of the course, the student develops and completes an approved thesis proposal.

9 credits (one term) or
3 + 6 credits (two terms)
Each student is required to present to his/her committee a coherent, analytical and substantial document that includes extended critical exposition. The thesis stands as the culmination of a student’s study.