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Major: Organizational Leadership

Masters in Organizational Leadership

Relevant & Results-Oriented

Union Institute & University’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (M.S.O.L.) is an online, 12-month, innovative, results-oriented program designed to prepare emerging leaders to:

  • Develop and enhance your leadership skills
  • Develop a productive network to assist you in your profession
  • Integrate your new knowledge into applicable actions

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership prepares you to be a leader in a diverse and intercultural world, confront challenging organizational situations, to understand the economic, political, and social factors creating them, and to devise advanced, equitable, and sustainable solutions.

A 36 credit-hour program designed for those from public, private, nonprofit, government, and social enterprises who are ready to take the next step in their careers or re-invent their futures.

The program is particularly suited to:

  • Officers in criminal justice, law enforcement and the military
  • Mid-level and senior managers in business, both for and non-profit organizations
  • Aspiring business leaders, entrepreneurs and social agency advocates


Contemporary organizations function in an interdependent global arena whether for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, benefit corporations, or social enterprises.

Critical to organizational success is the ability for leaders to:

  • Collaboratively lead a talented diverse workforce
  • Make well-informed ethical decisions
  • Build and implement sustainable solutions to complex issues
  • Balance organizational innovation and success with social innovation and well-being

Building upon one’s professional expertise and experience, Union’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree is an interdisciplinary program providing professionals with knowledge of current trends and practices in entrepreneurial leadership and socially responsive organizational behavior while developing their skillset to innovatively lead high-performing organizational operations in a challenging global social and business arena.

The program’s overarching theme is to impart entrepreneurial solution-building leadership in a global environment.

It expands a professional’s capacity to be and act as an entrepreneurial, socially responsive leader, and to refine practical leadership skills, including collaborative management, communication, discernment, problem-solving, decision-making, and innovation while applying learning and development to a particular professional context.


  • The three-semester program can be completed in 12 months and includes three leadership modules
    • Innovative Leadership
    • Networking Leadership
    • Analytical Leadership
  • The cohort model creates a vibrant learning community
  • The online format provides flexibility for today’s working adult
  • Leadership mentors work with students from their chosen profession
  • Students prepare professional portfolios

The program enables students to:

  • Develop systemic and integrative thinking skills
  • Engage with a diverse student body to advance collaborative and networking abilities
  • Expand emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills required to lead in demanding settings
  • Develop a Capstone project related to your professional goals
  • Integrate social innovation into organizational systems
  • Increase your cultural competency and social justice awareness
  • Create socially responsive decision-making skills
  • Lead with professional integrity and ethical responsibility
  • Understand and apply a broad range of leadership perspectives and skills in developing organizational strategies
  • Improve outcomes using data-driven decision-making processes
  • Develop a personally relevant and relational strategic management approach and a proactive planning philosophy
  • Enhance mentoring abilities and sustainable solution-building skills