Union Institute and University

Admissions Staff

New England Academic Center
802-254-0152 | 888-828-8575
Hanna Thurber hanna.thurber@myunion.edu Admissions Director
Frannie Waldron frannie.waldron@myunion.edu Enrollment Counselor
Casey Walker casey.walker@myunion.edu Enrollment Counselor
Cincinnati Academic Center
513-487-1219 | 800-861-6400
Shunda Adams shunda.adams@myunion.edu Ph.D. Enrollment Counselor
Jason Chapman jason.chapman@myunion.edu Enrollment Counselor
Kim Cotton kim.cotton@myunion.edu Ed.D. Enrollment Counselor
Sarah Kolks sarah.kolks@myunion.edu Enrollment Counselor
Nikki Lewis nikki.lewis@myunion.edu Director of Admissions
Sydney Meimann sydney.stauter@myunion.edu Enrollment Counselor
Emily Swegert emily.swegert@myunion.edu Enrollment Counselor
Los Angeles Academic Center
310-417-3500 | 800-486-8328
Sheila Ingram sheila.ingram@myunion.edu Enrollment Counselor
Teri Lucas teri.lucas@myunion.edu Director of Admissions
Ego Nwodim ego.nwodim@myunion.edu Enrollment Counselor
Florida Academic Center
305-653-7141 | 800-486-7141
Francis Francois francis.francois@myunion.edu Regional Director of Admissions
Whitney Edden whitney.edden@myunion.edu Enrollment Counselor
Moises Ramirez moises.ramirez@myunion.edu Enrollment Counselor
Sacramento Academic Center
916-564-3100 | 800-486-7049
Evan Blair evan.blair@myunion.edu Director of Admissions
Sandra Lee sandra.lee@myunion.edu Director of Admissions
Christina Wilson christina.wilson@myunion.edu Enrollment Counselor