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3+1 Program

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Chatfield College

The 3+1 Program-Chatfield College

Chatfield-logoWhat is 3+1?

The 3+1 Program allows community college students to seamlessly transition from an associate’s degree program to a bachelor’s degree program. The first three years are completed at Chatfield College and the final year is completed at Union Institute & University.

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Why Choose 3+1?

With active 3+1 agreements with a variety of community colleges across the country, Union Institute & University has experience implementing the program with maximum benefit for both the students and the community college. After earning an associate’s degree, the student completes additional credit hours for their third year at Chatfield College, which provides a familiar environment and affordable cost. Then, the student enrolls at Union Institute & University to earn a bachelor’s degree.

3+1 Maximize Credit Hour Transfers

Union Institute & University’s vision is a legacy in higher education: to educate generations of students who seek academic programs that engage, enlighten and empower them in their pursuit of a lifetime of learning and service.

Union Institute & University’s 3+1 transfer program enables students to remain in the community, maximize Chatfield College credits and earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited and reputable university.

Students can:

  • Transfer up to 90 semester hours from Chatfield College toward a Union Institute & University bachelor’s degree
  • Complete an associate’s degree and an additional year at Chatfield College
  • Finish the fourth year of a bachelor’s degree online through Union Institute & University

Majors Available in the 3+1 Program

Financial Aid Consortium Agreement available for those who wish to use financial aid to fund their education. Contact a representative to learn more.