Union Institute and University

Why is Union here?

The answer to this question is easy. Union has existed and will continue to exist – in the words of its vision – “to educate generations of highly motivated adults who seek academic programs that engage, enlighten and empower them in their pursuit of a lifetime of learning and service.” What Union created over the years – innovative and flexible models of higher education that encourage different approaches, different patterns, and different solutions – are keys to success for both higher education institutions and society in general. From the very beginning, Union followed a different path in higher education seeking creative solutions to challenges. Union’s commitment is clear: to provide each student with a relevant and quality education through a flexible delivery model, and to encourage each student to find their voice and vehicles to transform lives and communities. We believe in educating the whole person and in preparing Union graduates to be change agents wherever they serve. This commitment will continue to define Union in its second 50 years.

We plan to work over the next 10 years to expand our influence and opportunities nationally, and grow a strong presence internationally. We will continue to expand and invest in appropriate technology to ensure Union stays on the cutting edge and provides access to quality education to students around the globe. We will continue to develop curricula that address the educational needs of adults as well as the needs of the nation. The MSOL program that was just launched in January 2014 is one new degree program that fulfills the needs of entrepreneurial thinkers in a variety of sectors. Union will continue to serve as a leader in higher education that connects education with values. Union will maintain its commitment to innovative, interdisciplinary, and creative approaches to the adult student and ensure that the Union education distinguishes our graduates as they use their education to make a difference in their lives, the lives of their families, their communities, and indeed the world. This is why Union is here!

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