Union Institute and University

University Image, Branding & Logo Standards

University Logo

The logo for Union Institute & University is the most frequent visual representation and most prominent symbol of the university. To be used appropriately and consistently, it provides a visual expression of the university’s commitment to adult education as outlined in the mission and vision statement. The university’s logo is the basis for the entire visual identity of UI&U and consists of three elements that can be used in conjunction or separately but only in accordance with the requirements below.

  1. The university name: Union Institute & University. Note that the “&” is an official part of the university’s name and is not to be exchanged with the word “and” in any circumstance. When abbreviating the name, there are two official options: Union or UI&U. Other abbreviations or other names are not acceptable.
  2. The university “flame” or “tulip” graphic
  3. When possible, the university’s URL: www.myunion.edu

University Colors

Union Institute & University’s official colors are gold and green. Alternate shades and colors of the logo are not to be used on printed and Web materials.

  • Pantone values:
    Gold: PMS 7406
    Green: PMS 5545
  • Hex values:
    Gold: #ffd100
    Green: #327a3d
  • CMYK values:
    Gold: 0 18 100 0
    Green: 59 0 50 52
  • RGB values:
    Gold: 255 207 1
    Green: 52 113 92

Logo Use and Appearance in Marketing Materials

In order to establish and maintain consistent branding, Union Institute & University’s official logo or name in approved font should be prominently identified on the front of all marketing materials. The logo will aid in identification, and should appear as originally proportioned. The logo should not be visually modified except for proportional sizing. In most programs, this can be achieved by grabbing the image box from the corners and holding down the shift key while expanding or contracting it. The logo will remain in proportion, rather than too drawn out or too squat. Do not rotate, alter the font, squeeze, or stretch the logo in any way.  It should never be redrawn, re-typeset or recreated. If you have questions on how to do this, please contact communications@myunion.edu.

In the rare instance where flexibility must be exercised, the variance must be evaluated and approved by the Communications staff. No unauthorized logo, seal, or graphic may be used to represent the university or any of its programs.

Approval of Logo Use

All documents bearing the university logo must be reviewed and receive approval from the Communications Department prior to final production, regardless of whether the materials are created in-house or externally.

The University Seal

The university seal is the most formal symbolic representation of the university and may only be used on formal and ceremonial documents or forms from the Office of the President, Office of the Provost, or Board of Trustees. Examples include diplomas, official certificates, executive invitations, and legal documents.

The seal may not be used on marketing materials or handbooks to identify the university. In addition, the seal is not available for download. If you are unclear about whether the seal is appropriate for use on your materials, please contact the Communications Department.

Photos on the Web

When requesting images from faculty or students for use on Union Institute & University’s website, please note that the minimum image size is 400 pixels x 400 pixels. This allows ample space for cropping (if necessary) and ensures the image is large enough for use in multiple marketing channels.

Photos: Clip Art vs. Web Models vs. Photos of Union Students

The visual representation of the Union Institute & University is crucial to the development and integrity of our brand.

When creating web banners, marketing flyers, brochures, or any other printed/web-based marketing materials that require images of students, the best option is to request an image from the Union Institute & University Communications Department. We have a large catalog of photographs from consenting students and faculty and can often provide you with the image that matches your needs.

On occasion, it will be necessary to purchase licensed images to fill voids in the Union Institute & University photograph catalog. Stock images must be approved by AVP of Communications before they are purchased/used on marketing materials.

It is against Union policy to use Clip Art or free, unlicensed images on any university marketing materials.


As we make strides to increase our visibility and reach through our website, new efforts in enrollment, and more advertising, it is critical to maintain these standards to protect and promote the university’s brand. We are all aware of brands out there… we can recognize them even if we see only a part of them. With your help, we can improve our presence and help drive our enrollment and affiliation with our mission and vision.


A variety of logos are available by contacting communications@myunion.edu.