Union Institute and University

Financial Aid Award Letter

We will assess your FAFSA results and send you an award letter, which will describe the types and amounts of financial aid you are eligible to receive, the terms and conditions of each award, and the disbursement methods and time frames. You are not required to return your award letter to accept the aid that has been offered to you.

If you wish to decline any aid offered, especially student loans, you will need to contact the Financial Aid Office. All financial aid offers are estimated until a learner fulfills each criteria for the aid type and¬†funds are posted to the learner’s student account. Financial aid awards may be adjusted due to funding availability from federal, state and institutional sources, your receipt of additional outside funding, changes in your enrollment status and/or changes in your eligibility including but not limited to satisfactory academic progress.

If any of your financial aid awards change you will receive a revised financial aid award letter. Union Institute & University award letters are sent electronically to the email address you included in your FAFSA. View a sample award letter for undergraduate students.