Union Institute and University

Student Aid Report (SAR)

Once you have filed your annual FAFSA, you will receive an output document called a Student Aid Report (SAR). Be sure to review the information on your SAR to ensure all of your data has been recorded correctly. You may return to the FAFSA web site to update and correct your FAFSA data using your PIN.

This same information will be sent electronically to the financial aid office so it is not necessary to send your SAR/SAR to the university. Your SAR summarizes all the information you provided on your FAFSA and usually contains your expected family contribution (EFC).

Your EFC is used by the university’s financial aid office to determine your financial aid eligibility. If your SAR does not contain your EFC this means more information is needed to process your FAFSA.

Be sure to review your entire SAR including the SAR comments.Your SAR will also alert you if your FAFSA application is selected for a process called verification.  In order to receive financial aid if your application is selected for verification you will need to provide the documents requested by the financial aid office.