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Articulation Scholarships

Union Institute & University offers scholarships to a variety of external groups of students based on employment or community college graduation. Effective 2013-2014-Winter term starting 01/06/2014 for new Union Institute & University students the award will be the same for all articulation groups enrolled in the BS and BA degree programs. The scholarship amount will be $100.00 per credit hour for the first thirty credit hours of registration (minimum time in program) providing a total scholarship amount of $3,000. This new scholarship model will allow improved student service by simplifying tracking and awarding of these scholarships and by eliminating multiple adjustments to student aid and tuition accounts.

Students already covered by an articulation scholarship agreement registered for 2013-2014-Fall will continue to receive the scholarship benefit that was in place when they matriculated. When a student receiving scholarship funds from a prior articulation agreement fails to register for one term he/she will switch to the new single model articulation scholarship upon returning to registered status. The total scholarship amount from previous awards plus the new scholarship will be limited to $3,000.

View complete list of new articulation agreements
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Expiring Articulation Agreements

Old articulation scholarships will be honored for students registered 1314-F until they graduate or stop out. New students or those returning 1314-W who have been not-registered will have the new articulation scholarships described above.

Union Institute & University has partnered with several organizations and institutions in furthering its mission and vision to provide accessible education. Please see the list below of current articulation agreements to determine if you are eligible for tuition discounts or scholarships afforded through these agreements. View complete list of articulation agreements.

Scholarships for Veterans and Active Duty Military, National Guard/Reserves

Union Institute & University is proud to offer the following scholarships to our veterans and active duty military members including National Guard/Reservists. Scholarships are also available to spouses and dependents.

What if I am eligible for more than one Union Institute & University scholarship?

You may only receive benefits from only one Union Institute & University (articulation agreement, group, or military service) scholarship. If you are eligible for more than one scholarship, you may select the one which provides the highest benefit to you. This policy does not preclude receiving any endowed scholarships or externally funded scholarship like the Women In Union scholarship along with an articulation/group/military scholarship. Federal Work Study and Graduate Assistantships are not considered scholarships.

*NOTE: Students being readmitted to Union Institute & University will need to have made SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) during their original term at Union Institute & University in order to be eligible for scholarship.

Union Institute & University scholarships may not raise total financial aid (grants and scholarships) above 100% of the costs of tuition, books, and fees. Any federal, state or private grant/scholarship will reduce the amount of UI&U scholarship so the combined total equals 100% of tuition, books, and fees. Examples: A veteran with Post 911 GI Bill benefits that pays 100% of tuition, books, and fees would be ineligible for a UI&U scholarship. A similar student with partial Post 911 benefits would be eligible for UI&U scholarships up to the total costs of tuition, books, and fees.

Student Loans do not affect scholarships but scholarships may affect loan eligibility.

Women in Union Undergraduate Scholarship

Union Institute & University created the Women in Union scholarship program in 2009 to support women in their efforts to earn a college degree. Recipients are single, head-of-household mothers of dependent children residing in the Greater Cincinnati area that urgently need financial assistance to return to their education.

To apply contact: irb@myunion.edu

Graduate Fellowships

Graduate fellowship applications are now available within the e-Forms tab in CampusWeb. Follow the “Scholarship and Research Applications” link and click on “2015 Scholarships” for further details regarding application requirements.

Virginia Ruehlmann Women in Union Fellowship

This annual fellowship is open to full-time female students in good standing who are enrolled in any UI&U doctoral or master’s program. The number and amount of awards will be determined by the WIU scholarship committee. Annual application and criteria will be announced by the Women in Union program scholarship committee. Initial funding provided by the Helen Steiner Rice Foundation.

Eugene P. Ruehlmann Public Service Fellowship

This fellowship is a two-year award for advanced students in the Union Institute & University’s Ph.D. program with a concentration in either Ethical & Creative Leadership or Public Policy & Social Change who have completed at least 45 credit hours at the time of the award. The purpose of the fellowship is to support students during the research and writing phase of their dissertations. Eligible students must have an approved dissertation that promotes the spirit of patience and cooperation in community building exemplified by Eugene Ruehlmann’s lifetime of public service. The fellowship is disbursed: $10,000 the first year, $5,000 the second year. Annual announcements for applications will be provided by the Vice President of Academic Affairs through the UI&U Scholarship Committee. Initial funding provided by Western & Southern Financial Group.

Scholarships Available for Doctoral Students

Graduate scholarship applications are now available within the e-Forms tab in CampusWeb. Follow the “Scholarship and Research Applications” link and click on “2015 Scholarships” for further details regarding application requirements.

Individuals must be currently-enrolled students of a Union Institute & University graduate program to be eligible. For further questions, please send an e-mail to UIU.Scholarships@myunion.edu.

The award process is highly selective and based on academic merit. Graduate scholarship awards are funded by institutional support and the following endowed funds:

The Bates Fund for Social Activists: The recipient must be over 30 years of age, committed to life as a change agent, and have a history and track record of effectively working toward social change. The recipient’s academic work must add to the body of knowledge about social change, document the history of a particular social movement, or advance a particular social change goal.

The Drs. L. Theresa and James E. Henderson Educational Leadership Doctoral Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is open to doctoral students who envision a career of scholarship and teaching in the academy directed at issues pertaining to educational leadership and social justice or who envision a career practicing educational leadership and advancing the cause of social justice.

The Fontaine Maury Belford Scholarship Fund: The recipient must demonstrate innovative and/or ground-breaking work in his or her chosen field of study; application of the principles of interdisciplinary; an appreciation of high academic quality; and an understanding of how his or her academic work will help the student take better charge of his or her life.

The Robert T. Conley Scholarship Fund:  The recipient must be pursuing a Doctor of Education in educational leadership, having demonstrated exceptional leadership capabilities in the field of higher education leadership either in a college/university setting or local, regional, national, or international higher education area.

The Christine R. Day Scholarship Fund: The scholarship is available to applicants enrolled in the Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies program within the Ethical and Creative Leadership concentration, and who demonstrate an interest in ethics.

The John M. Haynes Scholarship Fund: The recipient’s academic focus must be closely related to the study of conflict resolution.

The M.K. and Kamala Mitra Scholarship Fund: The recipient must demonstrate academic excellence and a measurable impact on a given community or society for this scholarship award.

The Daniel J. Ransohoff Scholarship Fund: The recipient’s academic focus must be in the social sciences.

The Agnes Rettig Scholarship Fund: The recipient must have demonstrated financial need and be within the final two terms of completing all of his or her academic requirements for graduation. The recipient must demonstrate personal initiative and creative drive as reflected in his or her academic progress.

The Aaron and Roslyn Wallace Scholarship Fund: This scholarship, established in honor of two doctoral alumni, is open to UI&U master’s or doctoral students in good standing. The recipient’s area of academic focus must be in the area of health and/or wellness.

The Dr. David P. Finks Memorial Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is established to provide support to students enrolled in the UI&U Master of Arts with a Major in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology programs.

Karin Blair Fund:  Doctoral students who live outside the United States and who are required to attend residencies at Union Institute & University academic centers in the United States may be eligible for travel expense reimbursement through the Union Institute & University’s Karin Blair Fund. A legitimate need must be demonstrated, and funds are limited and distributed on a funds-available basis. International doctoral students must submit an application prior to attending a Union Institute & University residency in the United States; allow two months for a determination of eligibility and notification. Appropriate travel receipts must be submitted for reimbursement. Please  contact Mary Ginn to inquire about applying: Mary.Ginn@myunion.edu.

Tips for Outside Scholarship Searches

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