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Exempt and Theoretical/ Creative Research Projects

All students conducting research projects for pilot studies, culminating projects, final documents, theses, and dissertations, including theoretical and creative studies, that may be determned as exempt studies, based on the data collected and the data collection method, are required to submit an application for exemption to the IRB. These studies must be cleared by the IRB Director. The Exempt IRB Application and the IRB Notification for Theoretical-Creative Research Projects forms are available in the Forms Directory.

Research Educational Training Requirement

All students who conduct research involving human subjects at Union Institute & University are required to complete human subjects research training. All faculty who supervise students engaged in human subjects research projects in any degree program are also required to complete human subjects research training.

Effective December 31, 2014, Union Institute & University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) is changing the required human subjects research educational course that all researchers planning to conduct human subjects research projects are required to complete. After December 31, 2014, researchers—students, faculty, and staff—will no longer have access to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Course).

The IRB is developing a human subjects research training course that will be available through CampusWeb in early 2015. In the interim, students and faculty, who have not previously completed the CITI course, will need to complete the National Institutes of Health (NIH) online Protecting Human Subject Research Participants course as a prerequisite to submitting an IRB application and research proposal for human subjects research projects. The NIH course is available and free. New users need to register for the NIH course and MUST PRINT their completion reports. The NIH will NOT send completion reports to researchers or to the Union’s IRB.

Researchers who have successfully completed the CITI course are not required to also complete the NIH course or Union’s IRB human subjects training course. Successful completion of one human subjects research training course within the last three years is sufficient.

Contact irb@myunion.edu with any questions or comments.