Union Institute and University

Constituent Committees

To ensure the highest level of academic quality, faculty and administrators work together at all levels to promote a culture of assessment that identifies learning outcomes and assesses student success in achieving those outcomes. The following committees work closely with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and with ACT to execute assessment activities at Union Institute & University:

Bachelor of Science—Academic Review Committee (BS-ARC)

Tanya Del Valle, M.S. Assessment Coordinator
Kevin Jones, D.A. General Education
Don Lacher, M.A. Chair, Criminal Justice Management
Elizabeth Pruden, Ph. D. Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
Rick Read, Ed.D. Faculty, Business Management and Business Administration, BS-ARC Chair

Curriculum Outcome Assessment Task Force (COAT)

John Andrews, M.A. Criminal Justice Management and Emergency Medical Services
Lucinda Bliss, M.F.A. Faculty, Arts, Writing and Literature and COAT Chair
Larry Chavez Faculty Criminal Justice
Jonathan Eskridge Director, Writing and Research Initiative
Sharon Garrett Faculty Early Childhood
Don Lacher Faculty Advisor and Interim Chair for Criminal Justice
Elizabeth Pruden, Ph.D. Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
Nancy Reid, M.S. Education

Dean’s Council

Nelson Soto, Ph.D. VP of Academic Affairs, Chair of Dean’s Council
Bill Lax, Ph.D. Dean of Psychology
Lew Rita Moore, M.A. Registrar
Matt Pappathan, MLIS Director of University Library
Elizabeth Pastores-Palffy, Ph.D. Dean, Los Angeles Academic Center
Arlene Sacks Ed.D. Dean of Education and Ph.D.
Greg Thompson, M.Ed. Assistant VP for Information Technology
Carolyn Turner, Ph.D. Dean, Cincinnati Academic Center
Beryl Watnick, Ph.D. Dean, Florida Academic Center
Brian Webb, D. Mus Dean, B.A. and M.A.
Chuck Piazza Interim Dean, Sacramento Academic Center