Union Institute and University

Original Strategic Plan Goals

Goal #1

Fulfill Objective 1.1.1 of 2005 Strategic Plan: Create a cross-institutional assessment committee to coordinate and oversee academic assessment activities across the institution.

Goal #2

Establish a nine-member Assessment Advisory Board, which accepts responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Address university-wide issues.
    • Articulate guiding principles.
    • Ensure university-wide alignment and integration.
    • Encourage results that will be used internally to improve programs and enhance planning processes.
  • Develop and carry-out four-year assessment cycle.
  • Plan and oversee annual assessment of university learning outcomes.

Goal #3

  • Develop university-wide assessment program.
  • Conduct university-wide inventory of current assessment activity.
  • Develop university-wide flow chart.
  • Articulate outcomes and competencies for majors/ areas of concentration.
  • Define responsibilities of individuals, offices, and divisions.
  • Incorporate information literacy assessment initiated by UI&U Library staff.

Goal #4

  • Conduct Faculty Development Workshops.
  • National faculty meeting every fall.
  • Regional center workshops.
  • Individual faculty residencies.