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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I receive an official transcript?

Read our Transcript Request Policy.

After I graduate, when will I receive my diploma?

Read our Diploma Request Process.

How do I receive my UI&U I.D. card?

Registered students have 24/7 access to their UI&U ID card via CampusWeb. On CampusWeb, using your UI&U ID# and secure pin, click on the “My Profile” tab. Then under “Personal Information”, find the ID Card link, click and print. The UI&U ID card is not used for any university related services.

How do I receive my grades?

Grade reports are not mailed to students. We encourage all undergraduate students to obtain their grades through CampusWeb. Grades can also be printed from CampusWeb. If you need a more “official” copy of your grade report (for tuition reimbursement from employers, etc.), the official transcript request form should be used for this purpose.

Are my grades changed yet?

All instructors are given a deadline for submitting grades at the end of a semester, 8 week session or 6 month term. “I” (incomplete grades) must be changed to a letter grade by instructors within 60 days after a term ends where an “I” grade was assigned. The academic center staff or registrar’s office staff enter final grade once verified by the dean. Students can check CampusWeb for the current status of their grades. If the student feels that a grade for a given course is incorrect or should have been changed, they should contact the instructor and/or their academic center/program office to inquire about the grade.

Can you send a deferment letter to my loan company?

If necessary, at your request, we can mail a letter to your loan company certifying your enrollment status for the current semester and the estimated date of your graduation. If possible, an official deferment form should be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office. These are sent to the student by the loan company or often can be obtained from the loan company’s Web site.

NOTE: Doctoral students must maintain full-time enrollment status with the university in order to have deferment letters processed to loan companies. Full-time enrollment is defined as being registered for a minimum of 7.00 credits in the current enrollment period with verification of attendance/engagement on file as documented by the Core Faculty or primary advisor.

Why am I getting calls from my loan company after I sent you the form?

It is possible that the form never reached us (was lost in the mail, faxed to wrong number, etc.). Please send the form again by postal mail or fax it to the Registrar’s Office at (513) 487-1075. For cases of extreme urgency we can also generate a letter verifying your current registration status. Most loan companies will accept this letter as proof of enrollment for deferment purposes.

How can I verify my status (e.g. graduated/withdrawn), and the date this status is effective?

Verification can be obtained by calling the Registrar’s Office at [800.486.3116], ext. 1266, mailing or faxing [513.487.1075] a verification form to the Registrar’s Office, or by sending a request via registrar@myunion.edu.

What is a certification letter (or enrollment certification) & how do I receive one?

A certification letter is a letter that verifies the enrollment status of a student or graduate. The letter will include your full name, student ID#, social security number, enrollment status (full-time/part time/graduated), program, major and/or area of concentration, entry date/graduation date, dates of the current term. A letter can be obtained by contacting the Registrar’s Office.

Who do I contact regarding Veteran’s Educational Benefits and VA enrollment certifications?

There is a VA certifying official at each UI&U academic location. The Veteran will need to contact the UI&U VA certifying official at the academic center where he/she registers. Please see the Veterans Affairs Contact page for more information.

Specific Transcript request information for Pre- Cohort Ph.D. Program Students


  • Once a pre-cohort doctoral student has successfully passed through the Administrative Review process, the Registrar will post the degree conferral date and area of concentration to the transcript
  • Once the degree has been conferred, the transcript specialist in the Registrar’s Office will send a proofing copy of the final transcript and narratives to the student so that it may be reviewed by the student for accuracy. If the student agrees that the transcript and narratives are accurate, they are to provide their signature on a form supplied with the proofing copy
  • If there are inaccuracies, the student will indicate this and return the proofing copy to the Registrar’s Office, where corrections will be made, and a final copy issued to the student

The purpose of the proofing copy process is to supply a FINAL typographical proofing and acceptance of the transcript by the student. After corrections have been made, the transcript is considered complete/final and NO further changes will be made.

Once the final transcript has been approved by way of signature, the first free official and student copies of the transcript will be released to the graduate.