Zero Percent Tuition Increase for 2014-15

Cincinnati, OH – Union Institute & University President Roger H. Sublett announced there will be no tuition increase for the 2014-2015 academic year starting July 1.

“On behalf of the Union Institute & University Board of Trustees, I am very pleased to announce a zero increase in tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year, July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015. This zero percent increase comes after very minimal increases last year (one percent or less). For some programs, this means that tuition has remained static for two years running. This is almost unheard of in higher education today, but the staff, administration, and trustees felt strongly that our hard working students and their families are struggling and pledged to find ways to continue to operate our university without increasing the burden for our students,” said Dr. Sublett.

Management of the university’s finances is key to Union’s success.

“Each year, our goal is to avoid any increase in tuition and fees. Most years, the rising costs of energy, insurance, IT, library databases, and other factors impact the cost of attending Union. This year, however, through very diligent spending and careful stewardship of our limited resources, we were able to curb spending and focus on the essential task of serving our students,” said Dr. Sublett.

Union’s tuition is consistently below the national average.

“Obviously, this year, we are below the national average in tuition increases, but for many years, Union’s increases have been below national averages. Most colleges and universities experienced tuition increases at an average rate of between 2.4 and 5.2 percent beyond inflation. A more in-depth comparison may be viewed at CollegeBoard Average Rates of Growth of Published Changes by Decade report,” said Dr. Sublett.

Union continues to assist learners through scholarships and service.

Union contributes more than $2 million each year to institutional scholarships across all programs. This is nearly 10 percent of the university’s annual budget, set aside for reduced tuition and fees in a number of programs, including:

• Military personnel and their dependents
• Students from community colleges (Union articulation agreements)
• Cincinnati-based female, heads-of-household
• Law enforcement officers and local chambers of commerce

“We also have a number of named scholarships across our programs that support students with awards for merit and/or need. Our constant goal is to increase the number of scholarships available, working with our trustees and local foundations and corporations to fund new and existing scholarships. This past year, we received two major grants to provide substantial scholarships in our graduate programs,” said Dr. Sublett.

Union is the recent recipient of two $250,000 grants in memory of the parents of Union Ph.D. alumna and trustee, Dr. Virginia Wiltse: The Eugene P. Ruehlmann Public Service Fellowship Program, which comes as an award and tribute from Western & Southern Financial Group, and The Virginia Ruehlmann Women in Union Fellowship, awarded by the Helen Steiner Rice Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

The Virginia Ruehlmann grant will be awarded to graduate women as part of the university’s growing Women in Union scholarship program that previously funded only undergraduate females. The Eugene P. Ruehlmann Public Service Fellowship, in honor of the former Mayor of Cincinnati, will be awarded to doctoral students and will assist individuals whose dissertations embody Mayor Ruehlmann’s dedication and commitment for community and social change.

Additionally, each year, Union seeks to allocate resources to improve how students interact and communicate with their faculty and service offices. In an effort to improve academic quality and student services, the university continues to expand library databases, improve access to student accounts and academic records and enhance the Writing Center and its ability to reach and assist more students online. The university has greatly increased the availability of online courses and options, all reducing costs without sacrificing quality.

This year the university created a new department, the Office of Student Success, designed to serve current students in a number of areas. This new office exemplifies the university’s commitment to serve students as they complete their degrees.

These achievements come in the midst of Union Institute & University’s 50th anniversary celebration.

“This year is Union’s 50th anniversary. During this time of celebration, I am so pleased to bring this great news to the university community. Excellent governance will continue our mission for the next 50 years of educating generations of highly motivated adults who seek academic programs that engage, enlighten and empower them in their pursuit of a lifetime of learning and service,” said Dr. Sublett.